Works on paper

I never thought much about painting on paper. Paper was for drawing proces. It lends to that discipline. It is immediate versatile and cheap. It is what we all start on. Pencil on paper, charcoal, wax crayon, conté, ballpoint ink, brush and ink, pen and ink, tousche and perhaps later watercolour, acrylic paint, oil paint, enamels and mixed media applications. And let us not forget the various printing processes. You cannot lithograph, etch, silkscreen, engrave or otherwise reproduce an image on anything as readily as on paper.

It was a challenge to bring the ideas and methods of my painting from large canvas to relatively small (58x76 cm) paper. Paper taped on plasticized, corrugated cardboard sheets. Same tools but new parameters. Lighter touch. Working flat as opposed to stapled to the wall, sensitive to moisture, light and sharp objects and always ending up behind a protective barier... glass.

I was doing them occasionally and including them in the various exhibitions and fairs. About ten years ago, Mark Slegers (Contempo Gallerie, Rotterdam) suggested I start putting them aside and when thirty or so had been completed, have a show. It has taken seven years to accumulate the works shown in the publication, and they mirror the evolution of my painting style over the same period.

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